About Derived

Derived is a Decentralised Multi-Chain Asset Protocol giving users the access to trade Stocks, Commodities, Forex or Crypto on a single platform with unlimited liquidity and no slippage. Derived brings the power of Smart Contracts to the world of derivatives trading acting as a bridge between traditional and digital financial markets.


Leveraged Minting

Mint xUSD (the platform native USD) with upto 3x leverage

Hybrid assets

Buy collection of assets like ETH, BTC, Tesla, Gold or anything as one single Hybrid Token

Binary Options

Bet on the asset if you think price going up or down

Multiple Native Currencies

Derived will support multiple currencies to let user trade in their native currency while being able to trade on global derivatives

Global Platform

Trade your favorite Stocks all over the world without any centralised ownership or censorship

Unlimited Liquidity of Assets

Essentially unlimited liquidity using using peer to platform smart contract trading and without any requirement of counterparty order matching

Investors & Partners

Why Us

Multi Chain Support

Derived is the first and only multi chain Synthetics trading platform. We plan to support Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Avalanche to begin with and will add support for all major chains in the future

Staking rewards

Traders on derived platform will also receive staking rewards and at the same time will be able to use staked token to trade on the platform.

Synthetic Dex

At the core of derived will be a synthetic Dex that will offer a unique feature of zero slippage solving the long-standing problems of liquidity and slippage in other exchanges like Uniswap etc.

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